Youth Ministry

Youth Coordinator: Fr. Andrzej Reut, SDB

ADCCY ( Archdiocesan Council for Catholic Youth)
ADL Executive:
Chairperson _ Francis Phiri
Vice: Scholastica Kanyanta
Secretary: Bupe Bwalya
Vice: Janine Vlahakis
Treasurer: Elias Phiri
Vice: Bertha Daka


DIVISION according to age
Holy Childhood 0-14 years of age
TOM (Teens On the Move) 15-19 years of age
Senior Youth 20-25 years of age
Young Adults 26 -35 years of age
Annual Program
Major Events:
+ Youth Annual Pilgrimage to Marian Shrine
+ Annual Leaders Forum
+ ADL Sports Day
+ ADL Youth Day


YES (Youth Encounter the Saviour ) Retreat
Retreat based on Scriptures, Liturgy, Tradition and personal experience. Run by the young people themselves. Specially designed for the young people from all walks of life. If time allows the retreat lasts 3 days beginning on Thursday evening and ending on Sunday afternoon. However due to the fact that many participants find it difficult to start on Thursday we have weekend version of the YES retreat that begins on Friday evening and ends on Sunday afternoon.
Life Matters ( Peers Education Program)
The Objective of this program is to “Promote responsibility and encourage positive living among the Youth”. In this program we discuss all sort of issue pertaining young people’s lives, not just sexual behaviours, as to encourage the youth to participate and share their experiences, to help one anther live positive lives and promote responsible choices. Life matters Animators are ready to reach out to young people in different parishes and schools.

Search Retreat
The Objectives of this retreat are: Evangelization, Spiritual Formation and Realization of the Providence and Presence of God in our lives. The retreat usually begins on Thursday evening and ends on Sunday morning.

Faith Camps
Program specially designed to strengthen young people’s faith in God by creating a special environment where the Camp becomes their Home, School, Church and Playground. In an atmosphere of joy and fun they learn about Scripture, Tradition and share their own experiences. Usually the Camp begins on Tuesday evening and ends on Saturday afternoon.

Leadership Workshops
Leadership workshops are organized in the beginning of each new year for the leaders of each deanery or lay movement in order to enhance their ability to take up leadership roles.

TOM (Teens On the Move) Formation to Faith Program
It is a relatively new Formation to Faith Program for Teenagers introduced to close the gap between those who are in Holy Childhood and Senior Youth. The Objectives of this program are:
1/ To empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world
2/ To draw young people to responsible participation in the life, mission
and work of the Catholic faith community.
3/ To foster the total personal and spiritual growth of each young person.

Youth Animators Formation
In order to run our formation programs effectively and smoothly we have a team of youth animators that are helping to conduct workshops, seminars, retreats or meetings. However to be effective in their work they are having their own formation workshops that are organized at least twice a year, one in July and one in December.
Youth Matron and Patrons Formation
These are very important Agents of Evangelization in the Youth Ministry. They are the link between the young and old in our communities. Well formed and committed Matron and Patron can make a big difference in effective Youth Ministry. Twice a year all Matrons and Patrons from ADL Parishes meet for their formation.