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St. Salome Deanery

Address: Box 32754, Lusaka.
Res.: Mungule Area
About Us:

Founded in 1973. Parish Prist: Fr. Martin McGowan, SPS Assis…

Phone Number:
21 1/214748
Mary Mother of the Redeemer Parish, Matero
Address: Box 33243, Lusaka.
Res.: Monze Rd
About Us:

Founded in 1957 Parish Priest: Fr. Lastone Lupupa, SJ. SunM….

Phone Number:
21 1/ 241635
Box 38530, Lusaka.
Res.: Mungwi Rd. 10km West from Lusaka
About Us:

Founded in 1978. Parish Priest: Fr. Ciesielski Wojciech¬† Sun…

Phone Number:
St. Andrew Kaggwa Parish, Lilanda
Address: Box 37121 Matero, Lusaka.
Res.: West of Matero.

About Us:

Founded in 1982. Parish Priest: Fr. Antony Mkhari, MCCJ (+26…

Phone Number:
21 1/245544
About Us:

Parish Priest: Fr. Moses Mambwe Mpampa

St. John the Apostle Parish, Kabanana
Address: Box FW 425, 15101 Lusaka.
Res.: 4KM off SOS Village.
About Us:

  This Parish was founded in 1974. Parish Priest: Fr. A…