St. Agnes Deanery

Christ the King Parish, Kaunda Square
Address: Box CH 310092, Lusaka.
Res.: Kaunda Square Plot 154, Squ. Stage II.
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Founded in 1983 Parish Priest: Fr. Chakhala Banda Assistant…

Phone Number: 21 1/ 282257
Mary Queen of Peace Parish, Mtendere
Address: Box 320174, 15701 Lusaka,
Res.: 15Km East of Lusaka, Mtendere Section A.
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Founded in 1971 Parish Priest: Fr. Bryson Phiri Assitant: Fr…

Phone Number: 21 1/213969
Our Heavenly Father Parish, Chelstone
Address: Box 30652, 15301 Lusaka,
Res.: 19KM East of Lusaka,
Chelston, Market Rd.
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Founded in 1967 Parish Priest: Fr. Andrew Mtamira, S.J. Assi…

Phone Number: 21 1/281402
St. Agnes Parish, Ibex Hill
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  Parish Priest: Fr. Paddy Barry, ┬áSMA (+260977370723)…

St. Augustine Parish, Kalikiliki
Address: Box KL13, Lusaka.
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Founded in 2014 Parish Priest: Fr. James Daka Assistant Prie…

Phone Number: +260966972145
Address: Box K L 44 Kalingalinga- Lusaka.
Res.: 2.5KM from Roma-Zambezi Rd.
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This church was opened on the 21st of November 2007 Parish P…

Phone Number: 0979568108.