St. Clare Deanery

Address: Box 830022, Mumbwa.
Res. 150 Km West of Lusaka
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This church was founded in 1969 (started at Karenda 1953) Pa…

Phone Number: 21 1/800085
Address: Mine Town.Box 18, Nampundwe.
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Founded in 1995 Parish Priest: Fr. Robert Ngoma Assistant: F…

Phone Number: 0979/782025
Box 01 Nangoma. Res.: 108 km west of Lusaka on the Mongu Rd.
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This church was founded in 1995 (Mumbwa District). Parish Pr…

Phone Number: 21 1/670062,
St. Joseph Parish, New Kanyama
Address: Box 35650, 10101 Lusaka.
Res.: Kanyama.
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Founded in 1973 Parish Priest: Fr. Maybin Nshinga Assistant:…

Phone Number: 21 1/212435
St. Maurice Parish-Kanyama
Address: Box 33053
Res.: Lusaka Mumbwa Rd.

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This church was opened on the 24th of December 2006. Parish…

Phone Number: 0211 845491
Address: Box36657, Mumbwa Rd, Lusaka
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Parish Priest: Fr. Shaji Mathew SAC OUTSTATIONS: 7 Holy Cros…

Phone Number: 0978367252/0955587372