ADL Formation Workshops

ADL Formation Workshop-St. Kizito

The Archbishop of Lusaka, His Grace Dr. Alick Banda, continues on the weekly visitation mission; to Parishes in the Archdiocese of Lusaka with the Archdiocesan Curia, in a bid to sensitize parishioners from different Catholic communities of the strategic plans to make ADL take up it’s position as the Archdiocese.

This visitation to George Compound ends with the Sunday Eucharistic celebration and over 250 confirmations for both the young and old. The community comprising of 22 sectional groupings, are over-joyed by this visitation as they express their gratitude to the Archbishop and the Archdiocesan Curia. In His closing remarks after a well elaborated Sunday Homily on the 3rd Sunday of Lent, His Grace Dr. Alick Banda does not leave without expressing His joy at the new developments taking place at the Parish and encourages the Parishioners to continue with the good works as we work together with the slogan – ADL FIRST.

ADL Fundraising Committee

His Grace the Archbishop of Lusaka announced, at the Fundraising Gala Dinner the ADL Fundraising Committee. Tasked to work alongside His Grace on the construction of the boys boarding school in Lusaka. Honoring the event was the Republican President of Zambia, Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu. Also in attendance were various Government officials and stakeholders.

Ordination to Priesthood 2018- [In pictures]

Today, 30th July 2018, the Catholic Archdiocese of Lusaka ordained, 9 deacons to the Priesthood. The beautiful celebration was held during Mass at the Cathedral of the Child Jesus. It was celebrated by His Grace Bishop Benjamin Phiri, Auxiliary Bishop of Chipata. The Bishop stood in for his Grace Dr. Alick Banda who had traveled to the Vatican to receive the Pallium from Pope Francis.

The 6000 seater Church was full to capacity as family,friends and well wishers came to witness this event.  The atmosphere was charged as the the Mass began as the deacons to be ordained Rev. Deacon Bwalya Paul, Rev. Deacon Likumbi Collins, Rev. Deacon Maluma Lanchord, Rev. Deacon Kaoma Chembe Sydney, Rev. Deacon Mwila Canicious, Rev. Deacon  Lushibashi David- SDB, Rev. Deacon Mwenya Gabriel- SDB, Rev. Deacon Chisanga Anthony Musonda- SVD and Rev. Deacon  Mbukwa Lazarous where ushered in with His Grace Bishop Phiri. The Cathedral Administrator, Fr. Leonard  Namuhumba ,then welcomed the Bishop and thanked him from coming to ordain the Deacons. The readings where then taken and the Gospel read.

The readings where then taken and the Gospel read.

His Grace than gave a powerful Homily in which he Exhorted the soon- to- be priests to live a life of prayer. He spoke to them about the challenges of Priesthood and the spirit of servant-hood that should never leave them.  He addressed the congregation and asked them to help these young priest in their chosen vocation instead of destroying them. He spoke frankly that sins that are normally committed by Priests are with fellow Christians and asked the lay faithful not to offer  Priests alcohol when they visit their homes.


His Grace did not end there, he challenged the women folk to keep there distance, as these soon-to-be priest are not candidates for marriage. He emphasized that there is no such thing as a ”holy Sin”. Sin committed with a Priest is still sin and since Priest are also human,it is up to the lay faithful to help them in their weakness and not join them in indulging in them.

Finally he address the parents and thanked them for giving their children as a gift to the church and to God. He then exhorted them not to take back that gift. He spoke on the pressures that a put on priests by parents to take care of them, pay their siblings School fees and so on. He emphasized that Priesthood was a vocation not a job and their children will not be getting salaries.

The Deacons then made their Vows.

The Bishop and his fellow Priest then lay hands on the Ordinants.

The Deacons where the vested by their Parish Priests.


The Ordinants hands where then anointed with the Holy oils and they where are given the Chalice and Paten to symbolize their new role in the Eucharist as ministers.

They where then congratulated by the Bishop,  fellow Priests and Finally their parents.


The choir sung beautiful as Mass continued after the vows where made.


Mass came to an end with a final blessing from His Grace Bishop Phiri.

His Grace, after mass interacted with the lay Faithful as they talked to him and took photos.

Archbishop Dr. Alick Banda receives Pallium from Pope Francis- [ in Pictures]

Today  29th of June 2018, His grace Archbishop Dr. Alick Banda received the Pallium from Pope Francis in the Vatican. This event took place during Mass at st. Peter’s Square on the solemnity of saints Peter and Paul.

The Pallium that was given to Archbishop, Dr. Alick Banda is an ecclesiastical vestment in the roman catholic church.


It was originally peculiar to the pope but for many centuries it was bestowed by him on metropolitan and primates as a symbol of the jurisdiction delegated to the by the Holy See.

Faithful Catholics from the Archdiocese of Lusaka,  Ndola Diocese as well as other counties traveled to Rome to  witness this important event.