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St. Matthias the Apostle Deanery

Christ the Redeemer Parish, Makeni
Address: Box 38117 Lusaka, 21 1/273048.
Res.: Bayuni Rd, Makeni

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Founded in 1977 Parish Priest: Fr. Christopher Mror Assistan…

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Holy Family Parish, Linda
Address: P.O.Box 350290 Chilanga.
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Founded in 2009 and has a congregation of 1200 Catholics. Pa…

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Address: Box 370150, Kafue,
Res.: Kafue Estates.
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This parish was founded in 1973 Parish Priest: Fr. Raphael B…

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21 1/ 311293
St. Anthony of Padua Parish, Chilongolo Makeni West
Address: Box CA 12, Lusaka.
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Distance: 12km from Makeni Shopping Mall Parish Priest: Fr….

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Address: Box 360028, Kafue,
Res.: 45KM South of Lusaka Kafue Town
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Founded in 1971 Parish Priest: Fr. Evaristo kabungo Chibamba…

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21 1/ 311275.
St. Joseph Mukasa ,St. Bonaventure Road
Address: P.O BOX 35340
Makeni Bonaventure, LUSAKA
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This church was opened on the 1st of July 2015. Parish Pries…