Cathedral of the child Jesus
Address: Box 50224, Lusaka, Kumoyo Rd Pope Square
About Us:

Cathedral Administrator : Very Rev. Fr. Solomon Tembo Assist...

Phone Number:
21 1/254857
Christ the King Parish, Kaunda Square
Address: Box CH 310092, Lusaka.
Res.: Kaunda Square Plot 154, Squ. Stage II.
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Founded in 1983 Parish Priest: Fr. Chakhala Banda Assistant...

Phone Number:
21 1/ 282257
Address: Box 830022, Mumbwa.
Res. 150 Km West of Lusaka
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This church was founded in 1969 (started at Karenda 1953) Pa...

Phone Number:
21 1/800085
Christ the Redeemer Parish, Makeni
Address: Box 38117 Lusaka, 21 1/273048.
Res.: Bayuni Rd, Makeni

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Founded in 1977 Parish Priest: Fr. Christopher Mror Assistan...

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Divine Mercy Parish, Chaisa
Address: Box 30544, Mansa Road, Lusaka
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Parish Priest: Fr. Roders Matanda Over 1,300 Catholics congr...

Good Shepherd Parish, Kabwata
Address: Box 50164, 15101 Lusaka, Chibwa Rd.
About Us:

This Parish was founded in 1957 Parish Priest: Fr. Michael M...

Phone Number:
21 1/ 221946